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Namita Mazumdar Endowment Fund

The Namita Mazumdar Endowment Fund was set up in a bid to elevate and motivate academic and disciplinary standards of the current students of AGGS Ughelli and restore the exemplary glory days of our great school.

The Objective of NMEF is to:
1. To elevate the academic and disciplinary standards of AGGS.

2. Recognition of excellence in academics and discipline.

3. Provide incentive for students to aspire for excellence in academics and discipline.

4. AGGS to aspire and achieve the best results for SSS Final Examination in the country (Nigeria).


High standard of all round education for the students of AGGS, Ughelli.


Promote academic excellence and high standard of discipline. Our mission is to promote, sponsor, motivate and encourage the pursuit of academic excellence and high standard of discipline among the students of AGGS, Ughelli

Who Finances NMEF

The primary donor is THE FOUNDER,
Mrs. NAMITA Mazumdar. However, we are reaching
out to philanthropists who will support our
cause for donations to sustain the funds for
many years to come. We are reaching out to the
former students of AGGS Ughelli for their
support, contributions and participation in
the activities of the NMEF.

Some Reasons to Work

We Believe in Best Quality

The NMEF recognize SSS 3 student(s) that excel
in both academics and conduct.

We Believe in Good Relation

To Elevate the Academic and Discipinary Standards
of the Students of AGGS Ughelli

We Believe in Abilities

To provide Incentives for Students to Aspire for
Excellence in their Senior Secondary School
Annual and Final Examination